Grateful for the love and support received by the participants

Harshika Ram (Psychologist, Expressive arts therapy practitioner, Chennai).
To an experience that gave me new perspectives, new self-discoveries, old memories, new connections, connecting back with friends, nostalgic emotions, and gratitude.
Therapeutic drumming – body and self – my inner child – my culture and my boundaries – mindfulness – yog – transition flow – voice, movement and individuality – “we all have a rhythm” – introspection – synchronous – in an out of comfort zone – body and mind connection – realizations – questions – flaws – trust – sensitization – balance – innate and learnt – “welcoming myself” – grounded – “listen to your body” – stability – voice – energy – transcendence – expression – challenge – belonging – wholeness – me – dance movement therapy.

Thank you Creative Movement Therapy Association of India-CMTAI & Artsphere Pune for this beautiful and enriching learning and experience
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Deepa Mahesh
My first experience at the CMTAI Conference in Bangalore had left me yearning for a repeat of such a learning and enriching experience yet again!
My experience at CMTAI’s 3rd Annual International Conference on Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) – “Approaches and Techniques in an Indian Paradigm” was a fun and learning experience in a nutshell.
The venue was a great choice with enough movement space to aid my exploration.
Even before attending the conference, I was excited about the topics that I had to sign up for, which made it very very tough for me to let go off some to choose the others. I personally loved the way the different Indian dance forms – Belly dance, Chau, Bharatanatyam, Gujrati folk were integrated into therapy and as a dancer and an Expressive Art therapist, it was an eye opener. I went back to realizing the importance of dance theory and the possibilities of bringing theory into practice based on the therapeutic needs of the client.
Besides learning, it was great connecting with MY COMMUNITY of dance and movement therapists. Needless to say, I will definitely be there for the 4th CMTAI conference, wherever it is conducted!
Devanjali Sarkar
It’s an abundant platform I eagerly look forward to, the CMTAI Annual conference has become a  professional pilgrimage. Its the one space I know which for the last two times has deeply influenced my own research around body work, my choices in further education and opportunities out there in the field, my networks for future
collaboration, and the sheer joy of reunion with my batch mates and
mentors. For the electric mix of people with such unique backgrounds, skill sets, speciations it also reveals the much larger spectrum and dimension of ‘work and being’ possible within expressive movement therapy. We are clearly part of the NEW Indian mental health wave and CMTAI and the conference spells community! I have much love and gratitude for Tripura Kashyap’s vision part of which is offering us our collective baby, this conference.
Dr.Vasanthi Subramaniam- Educational Consultant & Certified Dance Movement Therapist, Salem.

Standing a Witness………..

“There is no simple ‘right way’ to practice that guarantees the achievement of goals.” Helen Payne

Third in line, yet another Conference, I arrived in Pune with all excitement and enthusiasm. What goals have I set to myself to achieve? Is there a simple ‘right way’, at all? What will open up from the Conference? How should I go about my future planning, as a DMT practioner? And, of course, what should I UNLEARN?

In the midst of active and enterprising CMTAI committee members, well accommodative and congenial venue of SYMBIOSIS, the moments of yet another new challenge unfolded.

I realised, no matter, what external materials were given to me in each session as props or activity aids, my only raw materials were my body, my mind, my soul, my space, my time and my entire being that I had to comply with…..

The Resource people were exceptional in their deliverance of their subject no doubt. Starting off with Varun Venkit’s Therapeutic Drumming session and flowing through Bhaktiveda’s Expressive Arts Therapy slot, I personally found a link that was amazing. My initial search became my conflict issue, and my conflict issue became my break away to arrive at my resolve….Ritushree’s Body Based Therapy turned my resolve and me into a silent spectator and Eliza’s using Fabric as Piece work for healing movement, evolved my thinking into new avenues of therapy and healing. The usage of fabric and building a story around it was absolutely therapeutic.

The second day’s session began with Talia’s Recovery Oriented DMT which made me think new lines of recovery and movement followed by a sober session by Megha ma’am. Dance for Parkinsons by Hrishikesh was indeed commendable.

A simple opening and closing ritual,  fun filled photography session, sumptuous food and meticulous organisation, sums up my unforgettable experience at the CMTAI conference.

The two days, made me realise that I was a complete witness to, how my raw materials were tapped and utilised to further my inner journey of Dance Movement Therapy……




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