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Tripura Kashyap



Dear Readers!

Here is the 2nd edition of CMTAI’s annual ­E-Magazine of Dance Therapy for all of you! I feel excited to reach out to you all and feel gratitude for the Artsphere Team (especially Anubha Harlalka-Doshi and Aarohi Doshi) for sourcing out articles, personal experiences and research-based writings from dance movement therapy practitioners and facilitators.  

In the ‘articles’ section, writings have come from  practitioners who presented their work at CMTAI’s 3rd Annual International Conference on Dance therapy (Pune November 2016). They have addressed an array of issues that came up in their sessions and the therapeutic experiences they offered their individual clients or group members. In the section on ‘personal experiences’ practitioners have been courageous enough to talk about their own authentic processes in this discipline.

The ‘research’ section contains writings by therapists and facilitators who have attempted to communicate the importance of documenting and tracking progress in their dance therapy and creative movement sessions. Do take a look at CMTAI’s ‘Upcoming Events’ section for workshops and certificate courses in different cities alongside a regular ‘column’ by our Therapeutic movement facilitator. Have fun going through the ‘gallery’ section, for  Pune conference photos which have been beautifully documented by Qasim Khursheed.  

Last but not the least CMTAI & ARTSPHERE would like to thank all the writers who contributed their valuable knowledge to enrich this E-Magazine which I am sure will travel the world over. The magazine is meant for practitioners, students and non-professionals who want to understand the theoretical and practical intricacies of dance therapy. Please do share the link for this magazine with your circle of friends and families.

For those who want to become Associate / Professional / Organizational members of CMTAI please visit our website We look forward to meeting you all again at CMTAI’s 4th Annual International Conference in collaboration with the Psychology Department of the CHRIST UNIVERSITY, Bangalore on 25th & 26th November 2017.

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Warmest, Tripura Kashyap

Co-Founder, Creative Movement Therapy Association of India

Delhi / Bangalore


Anubha Doshi



Arsphere, Pune

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” – Martha Graham

Exploring this very thought, we proudly present the 2nd edition of the online magazine.

Pune was honoured to host CMTAI’s 3rd Annual International Conference in collaboration with Symbiosis and Artsphere; A conclave of brilliant minds and movement practitioners, offering sessions to curious students, wanting to learn more about movement therapy and some wanting to go deeper into the experiential sessions.

Since the theme was “Approaches and Techniques in an Indian Paradigm” we had an interesting array of subjects ranging from chakra healing through belly dance, to elements of Gujarati folk dance in dance therapy. We have shared the facilitator presentations in the form of articles, for those who couldn’t attend the conference, so that they can also benefit from the offerings.

It has been an exciting journey so far, where you will find articles on the use of DMT with diverse populations such as the project for Teach for India, where facilitators worked with students of the TFI program to the inhabitants belonging purely to the corporate world. A new chapter began for art based therapists in February when we conducted a national project, with the therapists conducting an innovation-creation workshop for the company Thermax Ltd, at the same time, across Delhi-Kolkata-Gujarat-Pune, for their learning fest. You will find an interesting article on the findings of the link between creativity and innovation through art as a part of our special corporate series #actionthroughart.

Many interesting projects are cropping up in the field of Dance Therapy in India, helped by the dedicated practitioners all over India. Some positive inroads are being made towards taking this field to a new level. We hope dedicated supporters and readers like you all enjoy being a part of this journey as much as us.

Hope you enjoy reading the journal as much as we loved creating it!!!



Aarohi Doshi

Dance Movement Therapy Facilitator/Bollywood Instructor/ Researcher


When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to your beat.


Experiencing the process of being a Dance Movement Facilitator, I have found myself to be very grounded and happy at the same time ever since. Dance for me is passion, it defines me, it helps me be a better person and win over all situations. I breathe dance.

Being a Dance Movement Facilitator is highly different from being just a dancer or a psychologist. It is an integration of both fields; dance and psychology, to their highest potential. This magazine will help convey that difference in a much richer form. This magazine is a compilation of some brilliant presentations from the Dance Therapy Conference held in Pune, 2016 along with some personal experiences of the ones who attended it. It is a deep insight into understanding how DMT works with different populations and settings. It is an amalgamation of the variety of sides that DMT offers. We have a wonderful gallery showcasing some beautiful pictures of the past events as well as some testimonials giving them a broader perspective. The idea of this edition is to give a more holistic approach for future takers of DMT and a varied choice of the population they want to work it. One must read all the articles to gain profound knowledge about the body of work we as therapists are trying to initiate and take forward.

We have received a great response from you lovely readers for our first magazine and we hope to receive the same amount of love and support this time too. We hope you enjoy and learn as much as we did while making this magazine.

Looking forward to your backing in the years to come!